Saying from the reader Tamer Heper from Posta, “Banks put a stack of papers in front of us and get them signed while lending. How do we know if credit is tied among this crowd? ” answered his question.

My reader is right. Such a crowded collection of papers is made to be signed, let alone read them in front of the bank, there are such sentences in it that they are not understood even if they are read right there. For example he says ‘daredevil apostate’ let’s see it. Since this fact is known, our laws have brought a measure.

When banks are to sign a loan agreement, they have to give an information form to the citizen before a certain period of time. The information form will be given to the citizen, the citizen will go to his home, read them, and ask anyone who knows the issues he cannot understand. If he finally agrees, he’ll go and sign the loan agreement.

In courts, we look at the signing dates of the loan agreement with the information form while preparing a report as an expert and defending our client as a lawyer. If both have the same date, we share the view that the contract is invalid.

This means that this loan agreement has been signed without allowing the citizen to examine it. In other words, the citizen signed the loan agreement without knowing the content of the agreement, frankly, and got into debt. In addition, let’s make a warning to the citizen in connection with this article.

If you are going to sign a loan agreement, it is imperative that you receive the notification form and be given the opportunity to review it at home. In a file I examined, I came across the claim that both the information form and the loan agreement were signed on the same day, that is, the day the loan agreement was signed.

But when I looked, both documents had different dates. In other words, there was the impression that the information form was given beforehand on the document. However, when I examined the dates as days, I saw that the date of the information form coincided with the market.

In other words, the citizens were all signed on the same day, the date field was left blank, and the dates were randomly made after the job was completed. What a coincidence that the date of the information form also coincided with the market. Since the branch did not work on Sunday, it was not fulfilled as required by law. In short, obtaining the information form and allowing it to be examined before signing the loan agreements is the validity condition of the agreement.

Source: emlakgundemi.com.tr